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4 000 - 6 500 $
00:00 09.01.2022

Front-end developer with experience in React.js (Remote)

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Get a remote job in a European or USA IT startup! Soshace is a recruitment agency, that works with a number of IT companies such as Sedai.io, SupportLogic.io, SocialHub.io, GetMati.com, BlogAlchemy.co, DigiSigner.com, MvpTech.ae, Prototype.net, and many others. We have job opportunities with an ability to relocate to Europe or UAE. Job description: You go through the 2-step interview process and our talent team finds you the project that fits your experience and expectations: You work remotely; You work on stable long-term projects; You have a full-time workload (from 30 hours a week and more); We help to find reliable companies and help with a paperwork; Once the first project ends, we are happy to find you the next project; We guarantee a full payment even if a client doesn’t pay in time (for the agency contract jobs); The hourly rate we offer is ...

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