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00:00 06.05.2022

Middle DevOps Engineer
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MindK Компания
Middle DevOps Engineer Are you an ambitious DevOps specialist who wants to grow professionally? An experienced cloud developer who wants to switch jobs? A passionate engineer who’s fed up with companies that just want to maintain a decades-old tech stack? MindK is a full-cycle software development company that is built around the DevOps principles. We offer a perfect opportunity for a  Middle DevOps Engineer to grow their skills and implement the best DevOps practices on a variety of projects for American and European clients. You can become a part-architect, part-automation specialist, and 100% cloud cyborg. Work with cloud-native technologies, microservices, infrastructure as code, and other cutting-edge practices. Communicate with English-speaking clients. Grow your skills with the internal mentorship program. Receive compensation that is worthy of your skills. Must-have...

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